Our flag
covers your cargo

Welcome to the Somtrans website. Feel free to have a look at our barges, see who works at the office or apply for a job as a captain or sailor.

Our famous Roman number series started with the first Somtrans barge in 1975, the year our company was founded in a small office in Antwerp. The last decade Somtrans has registered an unbelievable growth. And today we're proud to have welcomed Somtrans XXXIII in our fleet.

Somtrans has developed into a fully-fledged tanker shipping company with fully-owned barges. We are neither a shipbroker nor a middleman. In our day-to-day business we try to be very straightforward. We strive for quick price setting and flexible planning.

What hasn't changed since the start of this company is our motto, "Our flag covers your cargo". Our vision to achieve a healthy expansion with state-of-the-art double hull barges and qualified, well-trained staff, has also remained unchanged. As has our aim, to offer our clients safe and reliable transport in order to build a long-term business relationship. We stand by these values each and every day.

The new generation is ready to continue the family business together with the previous one. The staff in our office is young, but very knowledgeable and dynamic. On board of our barges, we encourage our young crew members to become captains. Our aim is also to provide our crew members and on-shore staff with a stable job which offers growth opportunities.

Recently we built four new large barges: Somtrans XXX, XXXI (both 7000m³), XXXII and XXXIII (both 8300m³). Now, the company has 13 barges with a capacity of 5000m³ to 10.000m³ in service which is the largest numbers in a single inland barge company.

So if you like to think big and want to do big business, think of Somtrans!

We hope working with us will be a pleasant experience for you.